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How Top 500 U.S. E-Retailer – 3Balls utilized personalized product recommendations to increase sales


What started back in 1981 as a small golf pro shop with a used equipment section, has grown over the years into, which was awarded Golf Digest’s Golf World Business Top 100 Pro Shops in America ten times, and one of  Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America.  Its humble beginnings did not impede its growth, and great sales on eBay (3balls was inducted to eBay’s hall of fame and is one of the largest sellers on the site) led the company to develop its own website. Sales and inventory grew, but 3balls executives were adamant that this success will not harm customer service, which is one of the company’s highest priorities.  Realizing that customer care and sales go hand in hand, they looked for an advance personalization products provider and found Barilliance.


3balls selects Barilliance

“3balls went through an exhaustive review of product recommendations vendors and selected Barilliance for their ease of implementation, advanced feature-set, and service,” says Doug Smith, VP Marketing and Business Development at 3balls.

“Personalizing the shopping experience across channels be it on the web, via email, or on social networks, is essential to e-commerce success, “said Ido Ariel, Co-founder of Barilliance. Essential, and quite simple, since Barilliance is the only provider that offers a premium suite of personalization products that can be implemented in a few minutes, using its unique Zero Integration technology.


Immediate results

Once Barilliance’s tools were implemented, success was almost immediate. “Within a week, we were already seeing positive results with our conversion rate and average ticket as a result of Barilliance personalized recommendations” says Smith. “In fact, we had such initial success with recommendations, that we implemented Barilliance’s automated cart abandonment email service, which has done an excellent job of recapt
uring numerous sales every day that we would have previously lost. Nearly 30% of online shoppers have responded favorably to Barilliance product recommendations, resulting in substantial incremental revenue lift.”

Newer and better: sweepstakes and ticker

With the holiday season approaching, 3balls has begun to implement even more of Barilliance’s tools. Customers looking for a great deal on Christmas gifts for the golf aficionado in their lives, are now welcomed onto the 3balls website with a sweepstakes offer to win golf balls, and an animated ticker counting down the time left on their free shipping offer.


Creating these new widgets couldn’t be simpler. “By using our integrated personalization platform and Zero Integration technology, retailers can increase website conversion, without sacrificing scarce IT resources, “says Ido Ariel, Co-founder of Barilliance.


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