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How to Increase Cross-Sells with Personalized Product Recommendations and Website Personalization- the LG Story

Constantly creating online promotions and campaigns with very high turnaround requires hundreds of hours of manual work. On average, an site contains over 800 products. Manually creating promotions and product recommendations for each and every product in the catalogue and updating them on a regular basis is not feasible.  If you browse any site around the globe, whether in the US /us,  Italy/it, UK/uk , Japan/jp  or any other local site, you might see product recommendations that randomly appear on some of the products pages. Those recommendations were placed on these pages manually. Manual work is also required in order to handle all promotions/banners that appear on each page of any of the sites.

In LG Spain Juan Larrauri, Digital Marketing Manager, was looking for a tool that would enable his team to automatically and effectively manage their merchandising needs.  Juan and his team had implemented  two innovative Barilliance eCommerce personalization solutions:

1) Personalized Product Recommendations and 2) Website Personalization.  The widgets are customized to look like integral parts of the LG site, so although the LG Spain site looks and feels just like any other LG site worldwide, it offers visitors a highly personalized browsing experience.  


Personalized Product Recommendations 

Browsing through the LG Spain website, visitors encounter product recommendations on every category and product page. The recommendations are automatically triggered by the Barilliance engine which understands the preferences and intent of each visitor and displays the most relevant recommended products in real time. 

product page LG Spain

Website Personalization

The marketing team at LG.COM/ES creates personalized campaigns and promotions utilizing the Barilliance solution on a constant basis.   The great flexibility of the Bariliance tool enables the LG team to rotate between different rules (promotions) to ensure a certain level of visibility.

website personalization LG


Customer Feedback Forms

The LG Spain team uses the Feedback Form widget to present customers with surveys relating to product development, service improvement and marketing activities.  The surveys are highly targeted and are presented to a segmented audience.  For example, if the survey at hand relates to a new mobile phone being developed, the team can decide to present the survey only to visitors who are interested in purchasing a mobile phone, and not to present it to customers looking to buy a refrigerator.

As an example, LG Spain might ask its customers what type of information would help them to more effectively decide which product to buy or what types of site improvements they suggest.

The marketing teams were surprised to receive over 10,000 replies to surveys they had presented to their audience.  This data was then utilized to improve LG Spain’s platforms and consumer knowledge.



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