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Increasing PPC campaigns ROI using optimized landing pages

A few days ago a merchant contacted us as he wanted to increase conversion rates by  adding personalization to his e-commerce site. We took a quick look at his site and noticed that he’s spending almost $1000 on Google Ads per day and his value proposition was mainly low prices. He was advertising a sale on almost all of his ppc campaigns.

When we clicked on one of the ads, and arrived to a landing page there was nothing on the page about the big sale which had been promoted in the ppc campaign. In addition the “Retail Price” was not listed on the page so  customers who landed on the page and were expecting to see a big sale were disappointed and left the site.

If you are spending so much money on ppc, you can easily increase your ROI by personalizing and optimizing landing pages to reflect the message which brought the customer to your e-commerce site in the first place. In this case adding  a “big sale” banner for the ppc segment and showing the list price would definitely move shoppers in the right direction.

We also recommend that you do not stop in personalizing landing pages but also show targeted messaging through out the session or even on return visits for customers who arrived with a specific intent (in this case to benefit from a sale).

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