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Introducing Live Editor: Design and Launch Personalized Display Pop’s in Minutes

Barilliance's onsite personalization suite just released a major update for the display pop-up action.

Now, you have the ability to design pop-ups with a true, live front-end editor. We've built on our code free editor with a full WYSIWYG design. The new editor

  • Live Preview - See your design update in real time, without entering a different mode.
  • Professional Templates - Start your design with professionally designed templates
  • Fully Responsive - Enjoy fully responsive design, and make specific adjustments to content and elements based on screen size.

Here's how it works.

Select from Professionally Designed Templates, or Start from Scratch

First, select which template you would like to use. Each is professionally designed and tested to work on all screen sizes. Or, if you'd like, you can always start from scratch.

Our focus was to reduce the time necessary to launch and customize display pop-ups. 

Each template comes pre-designed, with all the elements needed for an effective display pop-up. 

Once you select a template, you'll be able to customize any element, including deleting ones you don't need, and adding in new ones. 

Complete Control with a True Front-End Editor: 

We invested a lot of time making sure marketing teams can fully build out effective personalization rules without additional IT resources. 

The front-end editor gives you a live preview. Adding, deleting, and editing elements in real time helps designers create the right customer experience in the shortest time possible. 

Let's take a look at an example. 

Using the Front End Editor to Change Text Elements

With the editor, you have complete control over the display pop-up. 

Changing text is as simple as selecting and typing. 

Likewise, colors are changed in an easy point and click manner. Alternatively, you can save your brand's color pallete for easy reference, or follow brand guidelines by typing in a specific hexcode.

Updating Buttons and Actions

Buttons are just as easy to customize. 

To do so, simply click on the button you would like to edit. 

In a display pop-up action, buttons can trigger four different actions.

They are:

  • Open Web Page - By default, buttons redirect to a new web page. This can be for any number of things, including special offers, bundles, loyalty programs, or signups.  
  • Send Email - Second, you have the ability to send a personalized, contextual email based on the offer the display pop-up promotes.
  • Make a Call - Alternatively, we give you the power to gather a visitor's phone number and trigger a call. Or, if you prefer,
  • Send SMS - you can use the contact's information for an SMS message. 

Additionally, you are able to change the spacing, text, color, and overall display of all the buttons in the display.

Built for the Mobile First Customer

By default, all display pop-ups are fully mobile optimized. 

You can easily set your own custom breaks. Like all Barilliance personalization rules, you have the ability to preview the rule before you set it live. 

Here, I'm previewing the new pop-up on tablet and mobile versions of our site. 

If you'd like to learn more about Barilliance's personalization suite, you can request a personal demo here.

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