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Advanced Pop-Up Use Cases with Personalization

Personalization software gives you the ability to create specific, relevant offers in high leverage moments. 

One opportunity to do this is through popups. The problem is, many eCommerce stores aren't taking advantage of the best use cases for pop-ups.

To celebrate our new live editor to create dynamic, personalized pop-ups we covered a few advanced use cases to boost sales at any eCommerce store. 

This post dives into a few major use cases, and opens the door for your own creativity in how to combine display popups with segmentation.

Popup Use Case 1: Using Cart Content to Boost AOV with Cart Thresholds

My favorite popup content personalization technique involves using incentives based on cart thresholds.

Some of the most popular incentives are free shipping, bonus items, or unique discount codes.

Here’s how it works in Barilliance.

How to Create a Segment Based on Cart Content 

Refining the Segment Based on Cart Content

As you can see, you have a lot of options on how to define your segment. 

After selecting cart content, you will be presented with a number of options to select what you want to do. You can define a cart content segment by :

  • Specific product name
  • Cart content URL
  • Time since creating cart
  • Total cart value

In this case, we are going to use total cart value to define our segment. Specifically, we want to target customers who have a cart value between $51 and $74 dollars. 

You can do that easily by adjusting the numbers in the fields.

And that's it! 

Again, there are a lot of relevant offers you can provide to this behavioral segment. For example, you can offer free shipping for purchases of $75 or more. 

Only customers who are close to this threshold will be presented with the cart pop-up, maximizes it's relevancy and creating much higher engagement. 

Popup Use Case 2: Enrolling Visitors into Loyalty Programs

We've covered retention marketing extensively in the past, with a case study on e.l.f. Cosmetics loyalty program, lifecycle marketing, and  more.

A central component in retention strategies are loyalty programs. They work. And popups are an excellent way to introduce new visitors to the benefits of your program. 

However, you don't want to interrupt shoppers who are already enrolled in your loyalty programs. 

Barilliance can recognize which visitors are already a part of your loyalty program, and which ones aren't.  You can even add additional segmentations via a RFM analysis

How to Create a Segment of Visitors Who Aren't in Your Loyalty Program

With Barilliance you are able to define customer profiles. One of those could be an enrollment into a loyalty program.

Popup Use Case 3: Welcome Messages

Welcoming new and returning shoppers is a fantastic way to build trust and rapport. 

As with most personalization, the key is defining what segments you want to target and design the best experience for each. 

Creating Welcome Messages for New Shoppers

Creating a segment for first time visitors is incredibly easy with Barilliance

How to Create a Segment for a First Time Visitor

And that's it! Barilliance will now recognize if this is the first time someone is viewing your site and display your pop-up accordingly. The final segment will look like this. 

Creating Welcome Messages for Returning Customers

In my opinion, personalizing the welcome message for returning customers is just as important to creating a personalized experience for new ones. does an excellent job of recognizing returning visitors while reinforcing their core value proposition.

Step 1: Under Segments, select Engagement, Returning

Creating a segment of returning visitors offers a lot more options. 

You can select from a variety of metrics. You can choose to exclude those who you already have an email address. Or, you can create special offers related to past purchases. 

You also have the option to integrate offline sales, making display pop-ups another tool to build out your omnichannel strategy

However the most simple segment you can create is to simply target everyone who has previously visited your site. 

At its most basic, you simply have to select how many times you want a visitor to visit your site to see the popup. By default this is set to anyone who visits your site again. But if you'd like, you can restrict offers to those who have visited your site any number of times. 

Next Steps...

Display popups, when combined with personalization technology, provide unlimited opportunities for eCommerce stores to engage customers. 

What separates popups from other options though is the jarring action that demands attention. 

Thus, it should be reserved for important activation steps in your funnel. Display popups can

  • Create Urgency & Scarcity - With relevant welcome offers based on past purchases
  • Enlist Visitors into Loyalty Programs - By recognizing if they are already enrolled, and presenting reasons to join
  • Prevent Cart Abandonment - Seeing when visitors are about to leave the site and interrupting the action.

If you want to be able to react to customer's actions through personalization software, you can request a demo of Barilliance here

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