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How adding personalized product recommendations to email newsletters increased email click-through rate by 175%


Founded in 2005, quickly grew to become the leading online retailer for prescription eyeglasses. The company shows a great commitment to bringing optimal vision at affordable prices to customers around the world without sacrificing quality or style. Aware that more than a billion people around the globe require eyeglasses but are unable to afford them,’s mission was to provide custom-made quality eyeglasses directly to the end user. By designing, manufacturing and distributing its eyeglasses, can honor their commitment to making vision affordable and accessible. puts its customers first, by providing excellent customer service and flexible return policies, as well as demonstrating community and environmental responsibility and involvement. The company’s website even offers an opportunity to upload a personal photo in order to “try on” eyeglasses before purchase, with an understanding that the personal experience of each shopper is of utmost importance. Needless to say, when it came to product recommendation emails, wanted to get as personal as possible.


EyeBuyDirect selects Barilliance

“We’ve experienced great results using Barilliance onsite product recommendations and behavioral targeting products since 2009, so extending personalization to emails was a natural evolution for us,” says Roy Hessel, CEO of EyeBuyDirect.


“Retailers are used to send mass email promotions and only a few go the extra mile and present shoppers with personalized offers based on their latest activities on the e-commerce site,” says Ido Ariel, Co-founder of Barilliance. “It’s not surprising that a shopper, who receives an email with the latest arrivals from their favorite category or brand, will respond to the offer even without a promotion.”


Barilliance shows  results executives report a 175% increase in email click-through-rate and a 30% increase in conversion rates after adding personalized product recommendations from Barilliance to their email newsletters.  “The fact that Barilliance’s product recommendations could be easy added to our existing email templates without coding and integration was another big plus” says Hessel.


With Barilliance, is able to offer a truly personalized experience to every shopper, both on the website and in email communications, based on the shopper’s unique attributes as well as overall shopping behaviors such as past purchases, browsing history and more.


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