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Cart abandonment

New Features: Enhanced and Personalized Triggered Emails

Today we are launching two new features that expand the scope of triggered emails and increase the potential synergy between our different products.

Shopping cart abandonment doesn’t necessarily mean that the experience you provided to the visitor was lacking. Sometimes the visitor is simply not sure about the product he wants to buy. A new feature allows you to use personalized product recommendations in your cart abandonment emails so visitors see not only what they abandoned but also related products and alternatives.


To use the feature simply select Barilliance Triggered Emails as your email provider and paste the html code inside your cart abandonment template.

A second new feature is Post Purchase Triggered Emails.  Just as you can target visitors who didn’t complete a purchase,  you can also send triggered emails to visitors who recently completed one and ask them to send a review for the product they just bought or send specific offers depending on the purchased item.  It’s also a great way to reach out to customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while.


Post Purchase Emails are available as a new action under your existing cart abandonment actions menu.

As always, feedback and suggestions are welcomed !

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