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Cart abandonment

New features

We wanted to update you regarding new features we’ve recently added :

Send to Mobile using QR codes

This is our first experiment in the mobile space. The idea is to allow your customers to easily switch from their PC to their mobile using the barcode application on their phones. While on your website, customers can click on “Send to Mobile” tab, scan the code and continue browsing from their mobile devices.send-to-mobile

Shopping cart abandonment

  • User defined suppression value – you can limit the number of emails that will be sent to customers in a given period of time.  cart_email_block
  • More segmentation options – you can send different emails to different customer segments based on the content of their shopping cart.  For example, you can exclude customers who abandoned products from a specific brand from getting an email with a coupon
  • A/B testing – you can now test 2 versions of an email and see which works better for you

Behavioral Targeting

  • You can target customers using iPads, iPhones and Android devices as well as target customers by screen sizedevice-screensize-segment
  • Quick access to reports

As always feedback is welcome!

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