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Social Targeting and Personalization

Most of the targeting done today is based on intent and behavior. For example offering promotions to new visitors or changing landing pages banners dynamically based on search keywords or Geolocation.

We think that the next level of targeting and personalization will be based on information derived from the shopper’s social network profile.

60 Million people used Facebook connect in 2009. This number is amazing if you consider the disaster Facebook Beacon program created not long ago. The main difference is that now, users explicitly allow Facebook to access their information and have full control over the information that is published to their wall.

While the basic Facebook login provides is a 1 click signup process, it presents many untapped opportunities for online retailers to differentiate themselves using this technology, and personalize the shopping experience.

Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about the new possibilities Facebook login opens up:


  1. Welcome shoppers who have upcoming birthdays, with a special message or even better with a credit towards their next purchase
  2. Show shoppers pictures of friends with upcoming birthdays and recent products they added to their wish list (Amazon already does that)
  3. Identify shoppers with high social capital (for example more than 500 friends) and offer them incentives to perform social actions on the site such as “become a fan”
  4. Music stores could promote products based on artists and bands the  shopper “likes”
  5. Simple viral promotions that use “invite friends” functionality will be much more effective than asking users to enter email addresses of their friends to get a discount

These are just a few examples we have started to experiment with . There are many creative ways you can engage customers who login using Facebook.

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