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Personalizing the shopping experience with weather related promotions

When people want to start a conversation with a random stranger, the weather is generally the topic they’ll choose. When you enter a brick and mortar store you are often approached with a remark about the weather from the sales attendant.  Obviously, you will not be offered shorts when it’s snowing outside! Talking about the weather is a great conversation starter because it is something that affects everyone. So if it’s snowing outside a salesperson will probably suggest that you buy gloves or any other warm item you appear to be lacking.

Just like in the case of a brick and mortar store, you can personalize your visitor’s shopping experience by making a remark about the weather.  You can even present visitors with a banner/popup message on any of the site pages and offer a special promotion that will only be presented when the temperature is below 5°C.   You can set this coupon with a stop watch, so that it will only be valid for 30 minutes after it was first introduced to the customer.



Alternatively you can browse your products catalogue for weather related products and promote those products at the right time (weather wise) to your visitors.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the weather related offers/promoting/coupons/product recommendations you can make.

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Share your Experience

Have an idea of how you can implement a weather related promotion on your site?  Share your idea with us.   If you would like to implement a weather-related campaign and are not exactly sure how to execute it, contact our customers success team, who will happily assist you in setting up the campaign rules.

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