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Cart abandonment

14 exciting digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

By Jack Simpson

No doubt your office is already filled to the brim with forced enjoyment and every last ounce of festive fun has been beaten out of your heart before the first week of December has finished.

But don’t despair because we’ve got some great stats for you this week. We’ll be looking at everything from UX to Pinterest and even a bit of Cilla Black.

And yes, we’ve snuck in a couple of extra Black Friday stats. Why stop flogging a horse when it’s not dead? (I think I just made that saying up on the spot)……


Black Friday cart abandonment was 72%

This represents a 7% increase in cart abandonment rates when compared to 2014’s Black Friday weekend, according to a new report from Barilliance.

Split by device, abandonment rates on desktop and tablet increased while on mobile they actually decreased. …….


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