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Study: Most Top100 retailers still don’t recommend products based on customer browsing history

By Polina Modenova

Last month’s Top500 2016 report revealed that 76% of Top500 websites recommend products to browsing consumers and a study by Barilliance out this week reveals that even though a majority of the Top100 personalise recommendations, only 28% personalise these suggestions by taking into account customers’ previous on-site behaviour. It’s a sharp reminder that most even though algorithmic recommendations play a huge and valuable role in the profitability of many prominent retailers, these techniques are still too esoteric or expensive to penetrate the wider industry.

Furthermore, Barilliance [IRDX VBAR] reveals that only 9% of Top100 retailers used geo-targeting in order to personalise customer experience on their ecommerce site. In a week where the world is being wowed by revelations in Barcelona, the average retailer has the earthier priority of implementing the inventions of previous years. ….

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