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Black Friday 2020 Statistics (including Cart Abandonment & Conversion)

This article will break down Black Friday statistics in 2020, including digital conversion rates and cart abandonment. We segment data by country and device go give a full picture on consumer behavior for Black Friday.

For our study on Cyber Monday statistics, click here. Here's what we found.

We compiled cart session data from our database of over 500 eCommerce stores, doing business around the world. 

To begin, we segmented the data by country, identifying the 7 countries with the most data. For context, we also computed a global average. 

Black Friday Cart Abandonment Statistics

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment by Country in 2020

As in previous years, 2020 showed a wide range of customer behavior depending on where they were shopping from.  On average, Spain demonstrated the highest cart abandonment rates, with 84.55% of customers who added an item to their cart leaving the session without making a purchase. 

In contrast, the global average was 77.79% and the lowest country, Great Britain, had a cart abandonment rate of just 66.83%. 

Compared to 2019, 2020 saw higher cart abandonment overall.  The global average increased from a 2019 rate of 71.36% to 77.79%, a 9% increase year over year.

2. Shopping Cart Abandonment by Country in 2019

In 2019, Black Friday saw a wide range of cart abandonment rates

Across the countries with the most data, Spain experienced significantly higher cart abandonment rates, 17.6% higher than the global average. 

In contrast, Canada had the lowest Black Friday cart abandonment rate. Here, only 59.15% of all carts were left without a purchase. 

Black Friday Conversion Rate Statistics

1. Conversion Rate by Country in 2020

2020 saw increased conversion rates during Black Friday sales.

In Great Britain, average conversion rates were over 5%.

However, this proved to be a massive outlier. Shopping sessions in Australia, the second highest converting market, saw a 3.06% conversion rate in 2020, while the United States and Global averages were each 2.3%. 

2. Conversion Rate by Country in 2019

As expected, the Black Friday conversion rates matched the abandoned cart rates.

Canada had the highest conversion rates. 10.6% of all sessions ended in a purchase, significantly higher than France which had a Black Friday conversion rate of 6.54%. 

Spain was the only country to convert less than 5% of visitors into sales, with a conversion rate of just 4.57%.

Black Friday Mobile Statistics

1. Black Friday Cart Abandonment Rate was highest on Mobile, 2019 vs 2020

Cart abandonment rate by country and device on Black Friday in 2020 

As in 2019, Black Friday consumer behavior showed differences depending on which device consumers were shopping on. 

Across markets, eCommerce stores saw the highest cart abandonment rates on phones and tables compared to desktop sessions. 

Cart abandonment rate by country and device on Black Friday in 2019

In almost every country, cart abandonment was higher on mobile than desktops. 

Surprisingly, this was not the case in France, where tablets had a higher abandonment rate than both mobile and desktop. 

In the United States, cart abandonment rates on Black Friday for computers was 65.23%. This statistic jumped by 9.47% to 71.41% on mobile devices. 

2. However, Mobile Cart Abandonment Varied Dramatically Across Countries

Zooming in on the mobile data, we see most sites perform below the global average. Australia and Canada had the lowest levels of cart abandonment, while Spain again was the only one to experience higher than the global average. 

Black Friday 2018 Statistics (including Cart Abandonment & Conversion)

1. Black Friday Cart Abandonment by Country

First, we looked at how cart abandonment changed by territory. 

To make better sense of the data, we selected the 6 countries where we had the most shopping sessions. 

These included the Netherlands (NL), Australia (AU), Great Britain (GB), France (FR), Canada (CA), the United States (US), and Spain (ES).

The global cart abandonment rate for Black Friday was 73.78%. Of the countries we had the most data for, only the United States had a higher average abandonment rate (81.93%). 

Most countries were right below the average. However, both Spain and Canada showed significantly lower abandonment rates (61.6% and 61.28% respectively).

2. Black Friday Conversion Rate by Country

Next, I wanted to explore average conversion rates on Black Friday. 

Again, I pulled countries we had the most data, as well as a global average across all countries. 

Again, the highest performing country was Canada. Sessions on Black Friday resulted in a sale an astounding 7.05% of the time. Conversely, the United States had the lowest conversion rate (2.9%). 

The global average conversion rate on Black Friday 2018 was 3.93%. 

"The global average conversion rate on Black Friday 2018 was 3.93%." - Barilliance Insights

3. Black Friday Cart Abandonment Rate was highest on Mobile

In every country, customers were far more likely to abandon their cart on mobile devices. 

This falls in line with the results of years past.

In the United States, cart abandonment on desktop was 71.12%. However, that number jumped dramatically to 85.81% on mobile, a 20.6% increase.

The biggest impact mobile had on abandonment rate was in Canada. Here, mobile increased abandonment rate by 33.3%.

Globally, phone devices performed 18.86% worse than desktops and 17.23% worse than tablets.

4. However, Mobile Cart Abandonment Varied Dramatically Across Countries

While mobile was the worst performing device across the board, variance on Black Friday abandonment rate was dramatic across countries. 

The global average cart abandonment rate on mobile devices was 78.43%. This number spiked in the U.S. to 85.81% and plummeted in both Canada and Spain (69.21% and 64.81%).

5. Black Friday Conversion Rates by Country

Traditionally, eCommerce conversions have always been highest on desktop. 

That trend largely held true for 2018's Black Friday. However, two countries had tablets with the highest conversion rates. 

Both the Netherlands and United States showed customers are more likely to convert their shopping session on a tablet device. 

Following abandonment rate trends, the three highest converting countries were Canada, Spain, and Australia. The lowest converting Black Friday countries were the Netherlands, France, and the United States. 

How US Black Friday Statistics in 2018 compare to 2017

We've covered Black Friday statistics for a few years now. 

We pulled forward the data from Black Friday 2017 and compared it to shoppers this year.

Across the board, we found an increase in cart abandonment in 2018. In 2017, the average cart abandonment rate on Black Friday was 74.5%. That number increased 10% in 2018 to 81.93%. 

While both years showcased an increase in cart abandonment on mobile devices, the difference was starker in 2018. 

In 2017, there was a 15.9% increase in Cart Abandonment for mobile. In 2018, cart abandonment rose a ridiculous 20.65%. 

How US, AU Black Friday Statistics Compare to Other Weeks in November

We also want to compare how Black Friday statistics change compared to a regular week in November. 

Because promotions are occurring earlier and earlier, we selected the week of November 4th as the comparison. 

We confirmed Black Friday has lower cart abandonment rates across all devices. In the U.S. in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, cart abandonment came to 86.06%. On Black Friday, cart abandonment was 81.93%.

The same pattern emerged in Australia. 

Black Friday Australia

There are a number of reasons. 

First, shoppers on Black Friday have a high intent to buy, even if they are compulsively comparison shopping across numerous stores. 

Second, it is likely that shoppers are conducting research in preparation for holiday spending. 

Lastly, the extreme deals and incentives to complete purchase drive conversion rates up and abandonment rates down. 

Next Steps

Again, we found mobile has (by far) the highest levels of cart abandonment. 

This represents an opportunity for stores, not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. Being able to create responsive, high converting product pages is a key capability to develop. 

Given the growing cart abandonment, sales recovery campaigns are another great opportunity for eCommerce stores. 

We wrote an in-depth guide to cart abandonment here. You can also see numerous successful cart abandonment email campaigns here.

Lastly, if you would like to see how Barilliane helps hundreds of eCommerce stores recover sales and maximize holiday opportunities like Black Friday, schedule a demo here.

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