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Increase conversions with GeoTargeting

Today I’d like to share with you a few best practice samples of how our customers are utilizing GeoTargeting rules to personalize their landing pages.


“We ship to your area “message

we now ship to nz_sKitchenware Direct  created a rule that enabled the presentation of  a banner with the message – We now ship to New Zealand, to visitors from NZ.    To test the effectiveness of the rule the company conducted  an A/B test.

The results were amazing:  NZ customers who saw the message converted at the rate of 5.1%  while the control group (NZ customers who did not see the message) converted at  1%.   The conversion change was +428.4%


Promoting your Brick and Mortar stores online 

Gym and Fitness, an Austrian online online Gym  equipment retailer with stores around Australia, defined a a series of rules that enables the presentation of  their  local stores’ phone numbers  on the site where the numbers change according to the visitor’s location.  In addition, the company also created a set of rules that present banners inviting the visitors  to visit the Gym and Fitness local store.


Promoting a different product  based on the visitor physical location

A US based Barilliance customer created a rule that promotes products according to the visitor’s geographical location. In the following examples you can see that visitors from the Colorado area are presented with a different product than visitors from the Colorado area.

 Visitors from Colorado see this page       


While visitors from Florida see this page

Creating the above Geo Targeted rules took our customers just a few minutes.   We’d love to hear of more innovative ways other customers choose to implement Geo Targeting rules. If you are  a Barilliance customer, we encourage you to  create your own Geo Targeted promotion and share with us your success.  If you have yet to implement Barilliance  Target- our onsite personalization product- contact us to schedule a demo today. 

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