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How the Inventor of the Shopping Cart Built a $400 Million Dollar Empire with Social Proof and How You Can Too


Have you ever shopped around looking at products and just weren’t sure if you should buy it or not.  Buyers remorse is real and people are leery as to whether or not they should spend their hard earned dollars on something they just aren’t sure will make them happy.

Manufacturers aren’t going to tell you that their products are garbage.  It’s other people who have bought a product or service that can give an unbiased opinion on it’s worth.

Consumers want assurance from other people before they take a blind leap of faith…….


Display Real Time Social Proof Notifications So Visitors Can See Who Else Is Buying

Being a personalization platform, it’s been interesting to see Barilliance jump on board with increasing social proof for businesses.

The company recently launched Live! in 2015.  The solution presents real time notifications of shopper activity on ecommerce sites.

Since they are a personalization platform, it makes sense that the social proof notifications would be powered by algorithms that would present the most effective messages based on each visitor’s buying intent and conversion barriers.

Australia’s largest online motorcross parts and accessories store, MXStore has seen a 10% increase in conversions since adding the personalized real time social proof notifications to their website……………

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