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Major update to the behavioral targeting product

Today we are announcing a major upgrade to the behavioral targeting product.  The goal of this release is to make it as simple and quick as possible to get value from the product, especially for new customers. Often, we’ve been asked for best practices that could be implemented using our BT product so we added the  “Opportunities” feature which is a collection of pre-defined best practices  that customers can use out of the box. The second feature is the “Offer Zone”. The Offer Zone is a dynamic content zone which allows marketers to create targeted messages quickly without the need for external designers.  It also supports tokens, which means that you can create a single rule that shows the message: “We ship to %country%” , and visitors from different countries will see their respective country names and flags. In the screen shot below you can see an example of the offer zone on our website at the bottom right corner.

Barilliance offer zone

Barilliance offer zone

The combination of the Offer Zone and Opportunities features, allows you  to benefit from best practices and ideas that worked for other customers and get to test them on your site real quickly.

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