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The software has full capabilities, we are free to dream up ideas and with the support of the Barilliance team we've always found an appropriate way to complete it... The recommendations engine itself has also always shown us revenue and results.

Sahil Goyal, E-Commerce Manager | Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety

"Barilliance's personalization platform gives us the ability to create specific offers, and personalize the entire customer journey for our visitors. We've tripled eCommerce conversions since partnering with Barilliance."

Michael Carlisle, Head of IT & Systems | Pushys

"Barilliance is crucial to the running of our business. We use it in just about every possible aspect of our website. Our personalisation, customer engagement, product recommendations amongst others are now extremely sophisticated thanks to the product that Barilliance offers. The number of hidden gems and use cases are endless.

I would definitely recommend Barilliance to every business."

Simon Molnar, CEO | Ice Jewellery

"We have had great success with Barilliance thus far. By implementing the Abandoned Cart email solution, we were able to achieve a 300% revenue lift on our previous efforts in this area and were able to more than double our previous ROI."

Tamara Falcke, Email Channel Manager | Surfstitch

"Nearly 30% of 3balls.com online shoppers have responded favorably to Barilliance product recommendations, resulting in substantial incremental revenue lift. Barilliance has been very responsive to our needs and has been a great partner to work with."

Doug Smith, VP Marketing & Business Development | 3Balls

"We were looking for a tool to automatically manage our merchandising needs. But we found more than that in Barilliance - its personalization software surpassed our expectations and drove conversion and cross sales up to record levels while literally saving hundreds of hours in manual work. Definitely a great tool and partner in our marketing strategy"

Juan Larrauri, Digital Marketing Manager | LG Spain

"Barilliance has been a great partner to work with. The conversion rates we have obtained through the email my cart program have exceeded our expectations and we have seen an immediate ROI. The team at Barilliance has been very helpful and the implementation was very easy.”

Patrick Paroline, Vice President of Sales | INYOPools

"We were delighted when the team at Bariliance was able to show us personalized product offers that looked so integrated to our site without any changes or work on our end. We are now using Barilliance personalization technology to better target and serve our customers and are extremely happy with the results."

Matan Armoni, Ecommerce Director | EyeBuyDirect

"Working with Barilliance has been a great experience for Zivame. With Barilliance we have been able to convert lost leads into sales through cart abandonment mailers. We have also been able to significantly increase conversions on product and cart pages through the personalized recommendation engine. The real power of Barilliance is in the easy-to-use interface which allows the marketeers to create rules, e-mails, campaigns etc. on the fly without much technical know-how.

Pratik Kumar, Director Digital Marketing | Zivame

"I reviewed a number of different solutions. It was clear that most alternatives didn’t really want to hear from me given we were using our own ecommerce platform. Barilliance staff said that it made it more flexible and gave examples of why it would work even better for us. In a matter of a day or so Barilliance was integrated into our site. Barilliance’s Cart Abandonment software has well and truly proved its worth – the ROI exceeded expectations and from a technical perspective it just works.

Hamish Cameron, IT Manager | Sealink Travel Group

"I have worked with Barilliance for a number of years and have always been delighted with their service. They are technically astute, commercially minded and always responsive with pragmatic solutions. Both implementation and on-going maintenance have been straightforward and hassle free. I unreservedly recommend them."

GJ Garth | JD Sports

"Barilliance has been great to work with. Works as advertised by having a "5 min set up time". We undoubtedly have an increase in conversions since using Barilliance and couldn't be happier. "

Eric | Tools Today

"Barilliance provides a powerful yet simple platform which gives you the promotional tools of the big boys. Implementation was unbelievably easy. "

Peter Macaulay, Owner | KitchenWare Direct

"The results speak for themselves - 390% increase in revenue from our Cart Abandonment strategy, customers who interact with a recommendation are four times more likely to purchase and 24% more valuable. The ROI is staggering and the tool pays for itself within days on turning it on.

 I would highly recommend speaking to Barilliance’s expert team. "

Dane Walker | Princess Polly

"Barilliance is helping us with cart abandonment, product recommendations, live messages and onsite personalization. After implementing Barilliance on our website, we are seeing big jump on conversion rate and user engagement with our website. Some of the early reports suggests that it's contributing to nearly 20% of our online revenue."

Viralkumar M.| Digital Trading Manager

"Our organization had an issue with retaining customers and their attention not only when they were on the site, but it was also difficult to win them back to purchases after they had left. The Barilliance tool solves this first and foremost. ... Another daunting task that Barilliance tackled instantly was relevant cross-selling, up-selling, and product recommendations. Each page and visitor would be served with a unique product that was relevant to their browsing experience..."

Joshua J.| Marketing Manager

"Easy to use, very powerful, the ability to create segments within seconds is just incredible"

Claud P.| System Manager

"We use the recommendation engine both on site and via email. Both have worked very well. We are about to extend this into some cross sell and upsell activations on the cart page and add to cart sections on the site."

Jonathon A.| Director

"Barilliance is supper easy to install and use. Their support is second to none. Whether you have a question on how to do something or an issue, they are always within a quick email's reach - even on weekends! We've been using Barilliance since 2009. Highly recommended."

Meir T.| Director

"I like the fact it is customizable to your businesses individual needs. There are so many features for a company to use as they grow and scale."

Mathew T.| Ecommerce Manager

"Barilliance enables users to customize their website experiences easily themselves if they need to. But even if you have less experience with HTML/CSS, then their support are great at helping reaching your desired outcome, or can help you with something bespoke."

Luke Schönenberger| Senior Ecommerce Manager

"Barilliance gives you the chance to customize according to your own preferences, the possibilities are endless and depend on your own creativity. Of course Barilliance team will give their best practices so you can see your conversion increase from day one."

Eliel B.| Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

"Their support is truly amazing, never let me hanging, are usually super fast in answering and willing to help more than what they are supposed to without charging anything."

Fabio A.| Digital Marketing Manager

"I like that it's very easy to use, you can copy rules across multiple sites (a real time saver) you can review before putting it live and the customer support team are extremely friendly and quick to come back to any questions you may have."

Haley J.| Ecommerce marketing manager

"We had great success with Barilliance. Using the abandoned cart's email solution, we achieved an increase of 2X on average and increased the conversion rate by 20%."

Tomer K., E-Commerce manager | WeShoes 

"Barilliance offers an advanced AI system. The Recommendations products have significantly enhanced the browsing experience on the Shilav site with personalized content relevant to each user. The conversion rate improved and with it an increase of about 10% in sales."

Shani G. Ecommerce marketing manager | Shilav

"Barilliance's personal recommendation product platform allows us to offer personalized products to each customer, customize the customer journey for site visitors and thus increase our revenue by 10%"

Adi Rein Cohen, Ecommerce marketing manager | HOODIES